Montgomery GI Bill


Star Helicopters is in the process of obtaining our Part 141 certification from the FAA to allow us to provide vocational flight training in accordance with the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) to apply a veteran’s vocational training allotment (GI Bill) towards their flight training goals.
The GI Bill is only available to veterans who have served in the armed forces. The GI Bill will cover 60% of the pre-approved training course cost through reimbursement to the veteran. Only vocational training courses are covered by the DVA which include the following at Star Helicopters: 

  • Commercial Helicopter Pilot License
  • Instrument Rating, only if enrolled in the Commercial License first
  • Certified Flight Instructor Rating
  • Certified Flight Instructor Instrument Rating

It is not possible to use your GI Bill to pursue a Private Helicopter Pilot License as a private pilot is not a pilot for hire. Only vocational training programs are approved by the Department of Veteran Affairs.
With regards to how a veteran receives their benefits, it is important to understand that the funds available through the GI Bill can only be obtained by reimbursement of flight training costs. The GI Bill cannot be used as a direct payment source. This means that the veteran must pay for training expenses out of pocket. The timeline for reimbursement occurs as follows:


Veteran pays for training out of pocket (or via other financial aid). On a 1st of every month following the month of training, Star Helicopters submits a reimbursement form on behalf of the veteran DVA reimburses 60% of the monthly out of pocket directly to the veteran.
The Department of Veteran Affairs has put together an extremely informative website detailing everything a veteran needs to know about using the GI Bill program. Along with the website, there is a helpful toll free hotline dedicated to answering direct questions.
For further information about your benefits, please look here:
GI Bill toll-free number:
1-888-GIBILL-1 (1-888-442-4551)