Instrument Rating

Instrument Rating Course

The Instrument Rating Rotorcraft/Helicopter course is taught using our Instrument Rating Helicopter for Part 141 and Part 61 Certification. The course is highly structured and gives a detailed, step by step guide for the Student and Instructor to succesfully complete the course at or very close to the FAA minimum ground & flight times.

Privileges and Limitations

This program is intended for those students who are interested in learning to fly a helicopter IFR conditions.
An Instrument Rating is required for flight operations in adverse weather, known as Instrument Meteorological Conditions (IMC). Without this license a pilot is restricted to flight in good weather (known as Visual Flight Rules or ‘VFR’) conditions.
Operations such as offshore flying or Emergency Medical Services may require a pilot to hold an Instrument rating.
Nowadays most insurance will require an instrument rating when seeking a position as a commercial pilot.
An Instrument rating will train you to fly the aircraft by reference to the flight instruments alone, when there are limited visual cues outside the aircraft. You will also learn to fly in controlled airspace, dealing closely with air traffic control and making precise approaches in the busy Southern California skies.

How Long Will it Take?

The length of time that is required to complete the Instrument Rating course depends largely on your ability, motivation to learn, the amount of time you dedicate to studying and your proficiency with the English language. It usually takes about  weeks to complete the Instrument Course if a reasonably full schedule is maintained.

Eligibility Requirements

  • US Citizen
    • Provide a current Government Issued photo ID and birth certificate or a valid US Passport
  • Non-US Citizen
    • Valid Passport
    • Obtain an M1 Visa
    • Register with the TSA (Transportation Safety Administration) and be approved to for training
  • Hold at least a Private Pilot certificate, with a Rotorcraft Category and Helicopter Class rating
  • Be able to read, speak, write and understand the English language
  • A passing grade of 70% or better on the FAA Instrument written exam

FAA Instrument Rating Aeronautical Experience Requirements

  • 50 hours XC PIC flight time
    • 10 which must be in a helicopter
  • 40 hours of simulated instrument time
    • 30 of those hours can be in an approved simulator
    • 20 of those hours can be in an approved flight training device
    • 15 hours must be with an approved instructor
  • 3 hours of dual instruction in a helicopter in preparation for the FAA practical test within the 60-day period preceding the check ride

Flight Training
The Private Pilot flight training course is divided into three phases:

PHASE 1 (Pre-solo)