Our 5 Star Commitment To Our Customers

All of our Aircraft are equipped with TCAS (The Traffic alert and Collision Avoidance System). Los Angeles is a very busy airspace we won’t fly without TCAS, why should you?

We hold ourselves and our pilots to the highest safety standards. Our company and all of our pilots have a Perfect Zero Accident and Zero Incident flight safety record!

Our flight times are based on our engine Hobbs time, from engine startup to engine shutdown. We will never arbitrarily add time to your flight, using our collective Hobbs.

All of our tours are private, professionally flown and narrated by our experienced pilots.

We offer private, on airport parking, and direct access to our facility, to protect the privacy of our VIP customers from the Public & the Paparazzi. We will close our facility to the public as needed and upon request.


Our Company Was Built On Some Very Simple Principles

To provide our customers with a superior product at a competitive price!

To always conduct our business in the same manner that we expect to be treated by other businesses!

To treat our employees honestly and with respect!

To earn your Loyalty and Trust in your dealings with us, be it in your repeat business or in your passing a good word along to others regarding us!


We are a company that values its Flight Instructors & Pilots. Wed Appreciate our Students. Without Flight Instructors and Students, Aviation would have no future.

To Our Pilots

Flight Instructors have worked hard, studied harder and spent enough money to get a college degree to become a Professional Pilot.

We treat ours as Professional Pilots, pay them as Professional Pilots and increase their pay as they gain experience.

To Our Students

Students deserve the best possible flight training available. Our goal is to provide our students with responsible, high quality professional training. Training that is personalized and tailored to each students training needs.

We will train you to get licensed, to be a safe, confident and a knowledgeable pilot.

We teach you to fly; we don’t fly you to earn a pay check!


We are the only Helicopter Tour Company based in the Metro Los Angeles area that fly a Jet Turbine Helicopter!

…and we are the closest to Downtown Los Angeles, LAX & Hollywood!

Just 15 minutes from DTLA and 7 Minutes from LAX!

Do you really want to spend your precious time driving somewhere else?