Gyro Rentals – 75$ per day

Photo by Les Nakashima – NEXTIMAGE3D – using Kenyon KS-6 Gyro and Canon EOS 5D Mark II

Kenyon KS-6 Gyro.

It is the gyro of choice for aerial photographers.

We now offer the Kenyon KS-6 Gyro for rent during our Plane Spotting Flights and during any of our Helicopter Tours. Troublesome vibrations are dampened out for medium format cameras or long lenses without the loss of handheld freedom.

Rental Details: $75 Per Day

    • No Deposit Required.
    • Only available for rental during your helicopter flight.
    • Your pilot will attach the gyro to your camera in our customer lounge right before your flight. The gyro will then be turned on as you head out to the helicopter and will be operating at full speed by the time you take off.
    • We do not rent the gyro for anything other than use during your helicopter flight.
  • Compare our rental price to Samy’s Camera $100 or more per day plus $4,000.00 deposit and you won’t have to drive to West Hollywood to pickup and return the gyro.

          ***Just add the Gyro to you flight during checkout.


Gyro Specifications

    • Size: 3.4″ diameter x 6″ long
    • Weight: 3.6 lbs
    • Ideal for camera and lens weighing: 6 – 10 lbs
    • Panning rate: 20 degrees per second
    • Operation Time: 3 – 5 hours per charge
  • Gyro: 2 Brass Wheels, Speed 20,000 rpm, Time to full speed 10-15 minutes