Large Group Tours

Discover why large group tours are such a big deal at Star Helicopters—(hint: they’re one of our best deals, too!)

From groups of half a dozen to more than a hundred, our Star Helicopters large group tours will give you a whole new perspective on just how awesome California is—from both land and sky!
Start with a beautifully designed, ultra-comfortable tour bus, Our highly trained professional tour bus operators will guide you through Los Angeles or wherever you want to go in complete style and safety.
Then let your imagination take flight! Experience what it’s like to soar high above Los Angeles on one of our incomparable helicopter tours.
Call us to find out more or make a reservation. Let Star Helicopters turn your vision of California’s best large group tours into one of your favorite travel experiences!
As an FAA Part 135 Certified provider of helicopter tours and a licensed tour bus operator, Star Helicopters is highly qualified. But we also keep our tour rates customer-friendly. To explore our tour routes, click here or find detailed tour descriptions here. You can also give us a call at 310-355-1959. Do it today and let Star Helicopters help you find—or custom create—the large group tour of your California dreams.