On Demand Flights

FAA Air Carrier Certificate Number 4SRA118L

Star Helicopters LLC offers you and your clients a safe, exclusive, and time-saving form of transportation.

Our helicopter charter services are approved under Part 135 of the Federal Aviation Regulations, with all pilots and aircraft meeting the rigid requirements set forth by the FAA. From aerial surveys, airport shuttles, aerial photography, scenic tours, wine tasting, concerts, Casino runs, to picnics Star Helicopters is ready to serve you.

Los Angeles once again earned the title of the most congested metro area in the country. The average driver wasted more than 28 minutes in traffic. Four of the 10 most congested corridors were in the Los Angeles metropolitan area. The worst is an eight-mile stretch on Interstate 405.

With increased business demands allowing little time getting from point A to point B. Southern California’s gridlocked and aging freeways again ranked number 1 in congestion and inconvenienience. Celebrities and executives use our helicopters for transportation to and from meetings, and major airports. Our point to point capabilities offer a fast, discreet, cost-effective, and highly convenient travel option using our helicopter charter clients.

Part 135 Aircraft

Bell 206B3 Jet Ranger

Maximum Passenger Weight (per seat) = 350 lbs
Average Pilot & 4 Passengers Total Weight = 1000 lbs
5 Seats – Pilot & 4 Passengers

Robinson R44

Maximum Passenger Weight (per seat) = 300 lbs
Average Pilot & 3 Passengers Total Weight = 800 lbs
4 Seats – Pilot & 3 Passengers

About an FAA Part 135 Certificate

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requires that all Aircraft Operators carrying passengers for compensation or hire, in point to point operations, know as Charters (On Demand flights) or Air Taxi (Commuter flights) to be operating with an FAA Part 135 certification.

You may be asking what exactly does this mean.

This means if you would like to be taken from one location and be dropped off at another location, the Aircraft Operator must have an FAA Part 135 certification. These Part 135 operations happen anytime you exit the aircraft at a location other than the place you departed from.

If you are in need of helicopter charter services, be sure to ask the operator if they are a Part 135 Certificated operator and ask them to show you their FAA Part 135 Certification.

If they are a Part 135 Certificate holder they will gladly show you their certificate and answer any questions you may have regarding it.

In fact almost every operator displays their certificate predominantly in their office. They are proud of meeting the demanding requirements to obtain the Part 135 Certification and the continued training and safe practices to keep their certification. This shows they are operating as an Air Carrier and following the same rules as the Airlines.

Operating under a Part 135 Certificate means the Aircraft Operator is operating to a higher maintenance standard and that their pilots are experienced, qualified, certified and regularly re-certified by the FAA to ensure passenger safety.

If an Aircraft Operator refuses to show you their certification or make excuses regarding it.
Don’t walk, “RUN” right out of their office and find a Legitimate Part 135 Certificate Holder.

Before you book a charter from anyone ask them if they are the certificate holder or are they outsourcing their charters to another company.

If they are the certificate holder they have operational control and are operating under the rules of their Part 135 certificate.

If they are outsourcing their Charters to another company they have no operational control and everything falls to the “Other Company”.