The LAX Tower has authorized us to operate in the 5 areas shown above at the LAX complex.
Noise Abatment Flight Restrictions for Area 3 – Pattern can be flown either direction
The LAX Tower requires a 24 hour notice from us prior to any Plane Spotting flights over LAX.
The altitudes allowed for the Plane Spotting flights varies anywhere between 1000′ and 2400′, it really all depends on the LAX Controller assigned during that flight. There is no way to request a certain Controller, it’s the luck of the draw.
There is no minimum flight time for Plane Spotting Photography flights and these rates apply only to the time the engine is running. Time is measured by an engine Hobbs meter, which records the engine running time measured in 1/10th hour increments.
Important Note: Clients should understand that there are certain risks involved in out-of-ground effect hovering operations at altitudes less than 300 feet. We will explain these risks in detail before booking the flight. By flying with us, the client assumes all risks involved with the flight. Our pilot will not attempt any maneuver they considers dangerous or beyond the capabilities of the aircraft.