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Star Helicopters specializes in Robinson R22 and R44 helicopter leasing. All of our lease aircraft have been overhauled to Robinson Factory specifications and maintained to the highest FAA maintenance Standards.





About Our Lease

For immediate Aircraft Leasing Please Contact
Eric Spitzer of Spitzer Helicopter Leasing at 818-519-1152
Our aircraft leases are dry leases, that means you pay for all expenses incurred during the lease, including full hull coverage insurance from a non-offshore insurance company.
Which means, you pay for: Gas, oil, maintenance (parts and labor), insurance, county property taxes, washing, parking, hangar fees, etc.
Star Helicopters pays: For the 2,200 hour overhaul, the cost of parts if there is a mandatory AD during the lease.



We keep it simple so you can concentrate on your business of flying, it works like this…

We’ll send you a copy of our simple 2 page lease, you review it, sign it and return a copy to us.
Send the lease deposit of $5,000.00 for an R22 and $8,000 for an R44.
Obtain Hull and Liability insurance (off shore insurance companies are not allowed) in the amount listed for the aircraft you are leasing, and have Star Helicopters listed as a named insured and send us a copy.
Pickup the aircraft from it’s current location.
The beginning of each month you will be required to send us an aircraft usage report along with the monthly lease payment by the 10th of each month.
You are required under the lease to maintain the aircraft in an airworthy condition, including 50 hour, 100 hour inspections.
At the end of the lease you must return the aircraft to the location that you picked it up from.
We will have a 100 hour inspection done by our mechanic and the cost will be deducted from your lease deposit, the remaining deposit will be returned to you.





Important things to know…

There is no minimum usage requirements per month, however you should plan on flying at least 50 hours per month to make the lease profitable for you.
All hobbs time is revenue time starting when you pickup the aircraft and ending when you deliver it back to us at the end of the lease.
Available only for lease in the continental US.
Not suitable for students building flight time.



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