Movie Production

The name says it all! There’s no better aerial service for Movie Production than Star Helicopters!

With a name like Star Helicopters and one of the hottest locations in all of Los Angeles, we were destined to “soar” to success in movie production! And that’s not just because we have the most personable pilots in the industry—they’re also FAA Part 135 Certified, which some might say is the aviation equivalent of earning your Screen Actors Guild card. In other words, we’re an all-pro, all-star ensemble at Star Helicopters, acing the skies both in real life and on-screen!
As the premier provider of aerial services in Los Angeles, Star Helicopters takes pride in offering our services in movie production.
“Roll film” to see some of our awesome helicopter videos and to get an idea of the great vantage points and location shots, both aerial views and on the ground, that we can bring to your next movie production.
We also offer several years experience at working with camera crew. Just wait until you see how spectacular the view of any location is from a Star Helicopter!
Our highly trained corps of pilots are dedicated to meeting your needs in movie production, and our fleet of helicopters is at your service! Yes, we may be the best helicopter service for movie production, but you’ll never hear “talk to my agent”! Just call us today 310-355-1959 and our Star Helicopters flight operators can discuss the full range of our movie production services with you.