Aerial Services

“I was wondering – can your helicopters…”

Every day at Star Helicopters, people inquire about our helicopter services for the first time. Almost every single time they are amazed that helicopters are not just for the “Elite” or “Only for the rich”.
They quickly discover that these unique machines are for their use and provide them with a whole new dimension into achieving goals they only dreamed possible.
With our fleet of helicopters based at Hawthorne Airport all of your needs and requirements can easily be met. Our central location, close proximity to down town Los Angeles and all of the Major Studios allows us to get your project completed expeditiously.
Do you have a project that could or should include a helicopter? Give us a call and one of our pilots will be glad to discuss it with you.
Our experience in real world helicopter operations provides our customers a deep base of flight experience, superior equipment and the knowledge to get the job done.

Here are just a few of the many areas we provide helicopters for:

Aerial Photography
* Construction Progress * Real Estate Survey * Boat Races * News Media * Fine Art
* Real Estate Listings * Marketing * Auto Racing * Sporting Events * Media Events
Movie Production
* Aerial Platforms * Reality Shows * Music Videos * Commercials * Location Scouting
Agricultural Services
* Frost Protection
Special Events
* Corporate events * Air Ride Concessions * Golf Ball Drops * Performance Rewards
Additional Services
* Property Surveillance * Utility Inspections * Race Support and Spotting * Aircraft Delivery
Helicopter Tours
* Los Angeles is a surprisingly beautiful city from the air and voted one of the top 10 helicopter tours in the world
Helicopter Services
* Proposals * Weddings * Celebrations * Whale Watching
Helicopter Flight Training
* Private * Commercial * Certified Flight Instructor * Turbine Transition * Flight Reviews * Flight Training in the customers own helicopter
* From San Francisco to San Diego and East to Las Vegas, pick your destination
Air Taxi
* Regional local transportation