Plane Spotting Rates

At Star Helicopters, everything’s going up—except our prices!

As an FAA Part 135 Certified operator, Star Helicopters is highly qualified. But we keep our rates competitive and customer-friendly. Check out our plane spotting rates, below.

Robinson R44 = $750 hour (1 to 3 Plane Spotters)

Robinson R22 = $400 hour (1 Plane Spotter)

All Flight Time is based on engine startup to engine shutdown:

There is no minimum flight time for Plane Spotting Photography flights and these rates apply only to the time the engine is running. Time is measured by an engine Hobbs meter, which records the engine running time measured in 1/10th hour increments.
Booking – Once you give us your desired takeoff time and how long you would like to fly, we will book your flight for 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after your desired times. This is to insure your helicopter is ready to go at your desired time and to help coordinate the times with LAX Tower. You are only charged for your flight time (engine Startup to engine shutdown). We will take off when you tell us to.
Only one helicopter is allowed into the LAX area at a time, so if a time you want is booked you will have to change to another time.
Important Note: Clients should understand that there are certain risks involved in out-of-ground effect hovering operations at altitudes less than 300 feet. We will explain these risks in detail before booking the flight. By flying with us, the client assumes all risks involved with the flight. Our pilot will not attempt any maneuver they considers dangerous or beyond the capabilities of the aircraft.