Discovery Flight Package

Are you ready for some adrenaline?

Our unique Discovery Flight Package is our Intro Flight on steroids, it provides you with the truly amazing opportunity to experience firsthand the remarkable capabilities of Helicopters and starts you on your path to a Private Pilot Helicopter License!
Your Discovery Flight Package will be flown using the helicopter of your choice (See below for pricing) and one of our Professional Helicopter Certified Flight Instructors.
Once you arrive at our location for your 2 hour Discovery Flight session, you will be given your training materials and your Discovery Flight begins with your first 60 minutes of ground school, conducted in our class room. You will be taught what each control does, how to read the gauges, and basic helicopter aero dynamics. At the end of your ground lesson you will receive your first log book endorsement, an SFAR 73 Endorsement for the Robinson helicopters, which allows you to control and fly the helicopter during your Discovery Flight.
After your ground lesson is finished you will go out to the helicopter with your Flight Instructor and conduct a pre-flight inspection, what to look for while conducting the pre-flight inspection and making sure the helicopter is safe to fly.
Once your pre-flight is complete, you will take to the air on an amazing 30 minute flight lesson. You will be on the controls with the help of your flight instructor to see what it is like to pilot the helicopter. This flight is conducted at Hawthorne Airport and over the local coast line. You will get the chance to experience most flight conditions, including straight and level flight, climbs, turns and descents, plus the most memorable, hovering. At the completion of your Discovery Flight you will receive your first Log Book entry for the flight time you received.
As experienced professional flight instructors, we have put together the Discovery Flight as a comprehensive way for someone who has never piloted a helicopter to see how it is done. With the ground school and flight combined, you will have a basic understanding of how to fly and have a good understanding of what to expect during your flight training with us.
There is no obligation for you to continue lessons; Discovery Flight is offered to give you an insight into helicopters, and to experience the excitement of flying during an actual training lesson.
The flight time you receive counts towards your license should you wish to continue lessons toward a Private Pilot Rotorcraft license.

Discovery Flight Pricing

Our Discovery Flight includes all of the following:

Ground Training 60 minutes
Flight Training 30 minutes
Pilot Log Book
Training Materials Rotorcraft Flying Handbook
SFAR 72 Endorsement
Your Photo at the Helicopter
Completion Certificate

Robinson R22

Robinson R44

Bell 206B3 Jet Ranger