Passenger Weight Restrictions

Passenger Weight Restriction for each Aircraft are listed below

The following are the manufacturer weight limitations and they cannot be exceeded!


Bell 206 Jet Ranger

Maximum Passenger Weight (per seat) = 350 lbs
Average Pilot & 4 Passengers Total Weight = 1000 lbs
5 Seats – Pilot & 4 Passengers

Robinson R44

Maximum Passenger Weight (per seat) = 300 lbs
Average Pilot & 3 Passengers Total Weight = 800 lbs
4 Seats – Pilot & 3 Passengers

Robinson R22

Maximum Passenger Weight (per seat) = 240 lbs
Average Pilot & Passenger Total Weight = 400 lbs
2 Seats – Pilot & Passenger

If you have any questions regarding passenger weights give us a call!
Let us know how many passengers you have and each passengers weight.
We can quickly calculate the weights and let you know which helicopters are available for your group.