Who Needs To Apply For TSA?

All Non-US Citizens who wish to train for a Private Pilot Rotorcraft Helicopter License or Helicopter Instrument Rating and who do not currently hold a US FAA Private Pilot Fixed Wing Certificate or US FAA Instrument Rating.

An FAA ATP Certificate attached to your Foreign Pilot Certificate does not count, you will need to apply to TSA before we can begin flight training.


Information About The TSA Process


The approval process usually takes less than 7 days but may take up to 2 weeks to complete for initial requests and additional training requests are usually completed in 3 to 5 days.

The initial application cost to the TSA is $130 dollars and is due once your training request has been authorized as a valid training request by Star Helicopters.

Finger prints are approximately $50 and will be paid at the finger print collection location.

All information regarding the status of your application will be sent to you at the E-mail address you used when you setup your TSA account. Check you E-mail for updates regularly to keep the application process moving along. Do not go and get finger prints collected until you receive notification from the TSA to proceed to finger print collection.


If you do not begin training within 180 days of your TSA approval your TSA approval will be closed, and you will have to resubmit an application to begin training again.

If you have not completed your Flight Training within 1 year of your approval date you must resubmit an application to continue training again and will be required to pay the application fee of $130.

If you have already applied to TSA through another flight school or would like to transfer to Star Helicopters you will be required to submit a new training request to the TSA listing us as the flight school and pay the processing fee again. *NOTE: This is the TSA’s rules and not Star Helicopters.

If you have any questions during the application process please give us a call at 310-355-1959.



Before You Begin Your Application

You are beginning the process of creating a Candidate account on the Alien Flight Student Program (AFSP) web site. Please make sure you have the following information ready to make creating your account as easy as possible:

  • A current, valid, Government-issued ID (typically a passport)
  • A valid e-mail address that TSA can use to send you your ID, password and application status
  • All of your place of residence addresses for the past 5 years, with no gaps in residence.
  • Your current employment information



Creating Your TSA Account

Click on the following link to create your New Student Account www.flightschoolcandidates.gov

*NOTE: If you have created a TSA you must use that same account. If you forgot the password click on the Forgot My Login Information or call the TSA at 571-203-8470.

Step 1. Welcome to Alien Flight Student Program!

Step 2. Personal Information

Step 3. Passport / Identification

Step 4. User ID and E-mail

Step 5. Website Security Questions

Step 6. Digital Signature

Step 7. Review and Submit



Creating your TSA Application


Sign on to your TSA account

Click on [Begin a New Training Application]

Step 1 of 8 – Basic Information – Complete your basic information

Step 2 of 8 – Name Information – Complete your name information – Start date is usually your birthdate and end date is usually the current date.

Step 3 of 8 – Citizen Ship Information – Complete your citizen ship information – Start date is usually your birthdate.

Step 4 of 8 – Passport Information – Complete passport information and you will need to attach a scanned color image of your passport.

Step 5 of 8 – Address Information – Complete your address information for the past 5 years, there must be no gaps in dates to complete this section correctly.

Step 6 of 8 – Employment Information – Complete your current Employment information.

Click on the button labeled [Category 1-3 applications, continue to step 7]


Step 7 of 8 – New Training Request

State: California

Provider Name: Star Helicopters

Student Identification: FirstnameLastname

Course ID#: Enter Private or Instrument depending on the training you are applying for

Class Name: Select the training you are applying for…

Category 3 – Initial License

Category 3 – Instrument Rating

Aircraft Type: Robinson R22

Estimated Start Date: Enter the Date you expect to start training

Estimated End Date: Enter 1 year from your Estimated Star Date

*NOTE: Your start date will be 1 year from the date your TSA request is approved and training must begin within 180 days of TSA approval, or your application will be closed after the 180 day period. You will have 1 year to complete your training or another TSA Training request must be submitted.

Step 8 of 8 – Select – Category III. Candidate for training on aircraft 12,500 lbs and under.

Click on Review Training Request

Click on Validate and Submit Application – Make sure all check marks are green, if they are red go back and correct the missing information.



What’s Next?

Star Helicopters will validate your training request once you have submitted your application.

You will need to sign on to your TSA account and pay the $130 training request fee.

TSA will send you updates and instructions as the application progresses through their system.

You will be notified when it is time to have your finger prints collected.

The TSA will notify you and Star Helicopters that your application has been approved, once approval is completed. At that point you have 180 days to begin your training.

The first day that you arrive at Star Helicopters for flight training after TSA approval, we will take a photo of you and electronically attach it to your TSA training request. A TSA endorsement to begin flight training will be placed in your logbook. We will also need to see your passport and make a copy to add to your student training file at Star Helicopters.