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Star Helicopters is an FAA Approved Flight School for CFR Part 141 & CFR Part 61 Flight Training, certified to teach the following courses Private Pilot Helicopter, Instrument Rating Helicopter, Commercial Pilot Helicopter, Flight Instructor Helicopter-CFI, and Flight Instructor Instrument Helicopter-CFII.

Star Helicopters offers a wide range of training options and aircraft to suit any student’s needs. 

We use the Robinson R-22 for Primary Flight training and Instrument training.

The R-44 is used for advanced training and R44 transition training.  It is also used for primary flight training for those students who do not want to train in the R22, or those students who exceed the R22 240 lbs pilot weight limitations.

The Bell 206B3 is for those students who desire to train exclusively in a Turbine Helicopter. It is also used for turbine transition training.

The commonality of these aircraft allows students to quickly progress through their ratings. Our flight training centers around one-on-one instruction with the emphasis on the students needs and time. We do not require any money up front, as some other schools do!  We do however require that you purchase the recommended training books, flight planning supplies and a headset once you decide to begin training.

Our approach to flight training is different than those used by most other flight schools and their training programs.  We have designed our training around the Federal Aviation Administration’s Practical Test Standards (or PTS for short).  The PTS is the standards for which you will be tested to by the FAA examiner for your oral and flight test.  We didn’t want to reinvent the wheel for helicopter flight training; we just wanted to adapt it towards training our students in a quicker and more efficient manner.  We simply took what the FAA created and implemented it into our PTS based training programs.

Star Helicopters offers training for the following FAA Certificates and Ratings:

• Private Pilot Certificate

• Instrument Rating

• Commercial Pilot Certificate

• Private Pilot Add-on

• Commercial Pilot Add-on

• Flight Instructor (CFI)

• Flight Instructor - Instrument (CFII)

We offer a relaxed professional atmosphere to train in and an airport that welcomes helicopters.  The airport has an operational control tower during the day which helps students learn how to work in controlled airspace.  The airport is never closed and there are no departure or arrival restrictions. 

Star Helicopters is located at Hawthorne Municipal Airport (KHHR) which is located in the heart of the Los Angeles Basin and just minutes from LAX and down town Los Angeles.  The airspace that surrounds us, and where you will receive your flight training, is one of the busiest in the United States.  Once you have trained here with us, you will be qualified, experienced and confident enough to fly anywhere in the world. 

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