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Los Angeles Basin
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Hollywood Nights Tour

Hollywood Nights Helicopter Tour

$360 for a helicopter tour for two passengers

$390 for a helicopter tour for three passengers


Enjoy the night time beauty of Hollywood and Los Angles from a helicopter.  During the 30 minute tour in the Robinson R44 helicopter, you will soar above the natural landmarks and architectural beauties of the Los Angeles Basin, USC, Staples Center, Nokia Live, Downtown LA, Griffith Observatory, Hollywood Hills, the iconic Hollywood sign, Hollywood Bowl, Downtown Hollywood, Grauman's Chinese Theater, Dolby Theater, Hollywood Forever Cemetery, Paramount Studios, then down to LAX where you will cross right over the middle of the airport at 1500 feet giving you a stunning view of the entire LA Basin.


The Hollywood Nights Tour is available every day starting 30 minutes after sunset.

All tours are Private


Go To http://www.star-helicopters.com/HOLLYWOODNIGHTS.html


Mention coupon code HOLLYWOOD NIGHTS when calling 310-355-1959 for reservations


Expires 120 days after purchase.

Valid only for option purchased. All Sales are final! Reservation required 24hrs in advance. 24hr cancellation notice required! Expired HOLLYWOOD NIGHTS coupons may be reinstated for a $100 dollar charge up to 1 year after date of purchase, after 1 year from date of purchase the HOLLYWOOD NIGHTS coupon is considered redeemed. All flights are subject to FAA restrictions, weather, and aircraft availability. Should the weather not allow us to cross LAX, tour route will be altered to accommodate the 30 minute tour (see the route below).  HOLLYWOOD NIGHTS tour is not available during LA Dodger home night games.  300lb passenger seat weight limit. 650lb total weight limit, passenger seating configuration subject to aircraft balancing limitations.

Hollywood Nights  

Hollywood Nights Helicopter Tour route with clouds below 2000 feet over LAX



Point Dune





We Operate 7 Helicopters for our Private Helicopter Tours

Seating for 1 Passenger to 5 Passengers!

(and group tours available from 6 to hundreds)

Bell 206B3   AStar AS350
Bell Jet Ranger 206B3 - 4 Passengers   Eurocopter AS 350 BA - 5 Passengers
Robinson R44 Raven II   Robinson R22 Beta II
Robinson R44 Raven II - 3 Passengers   Robinson R22 Beta II - 1 Passengers

We are the ONLY tour company in the LA Basin operating a Bell Jet Ranger and Astar Helicopter!!!


We have all seen the following marketing slogans!

"We'll beat any price. Voted Best in Los Angeles."

"L.A.’s #1 Helicopter Tour, We Will Beat Any Price-Check Out our Video!"

"Tours Starting $84, live DVD of your tour Shuttle services"

"The leading provider of helicopter tours of Los Angeles"

"Closest location to Downtown LA and Hollywood!"

What do they really mean? 

"Voted Best In Los Angeles" - Who voted them the best in Los Angeles?

"L.A.'s #1 Helicopter Tour" - Really!  Says who?

"The Leading provider of helicopter tours of Los Angeles" - Oh Please!

"Tours Starting $84, live DVD of your tourShuttle services"

We offer a 15 minute tour along the coast starting at $60 per person in the R44 and $90 per person in the Bell Jet Ranger.  Our professionally made video of our Los Angeles Tour is free, Just ask for it.  Limo & Town Car services are available throughout the Los Angeles area or we can arrange your pickup and drop-off using South bay Yellow cabs.

"Closest location to Downtown LA and Hollywood" - Nope!  That's Star Helicopters

 Check Google maps to see for yourself ---> Star Helicopters

15 miles South of Downtown Los Angeles

3 miles East of LAX

14 miles South of Hollywood

14 miles South/East of Santa Monica

Point Dune - Sunset

"We'll beat any price" - Let's compare and see what prices they are really beating!

Our Helicopters

Robinson R44 Raven II - More expensive to operate and more powerful than the R44 Raven I (Used by many of the other Helicopter Operators in Los Angeles).  If they don't have a Raven II, they don't have air conditioning!

It's Air Conditioned, fully loaded with leather seats, tinted bubble windows and a Radio/CD player.   Comfortably seats 3 passengers, and every seat is a window seat!

Bell 206B3 Jet Ranger - We are the only tour company in Los Angeles basin operating a Turbine/Jet Helicopter.

It has leather seats, tinted bubble windows and comfortably seats 4 passengers.

Eurocopter AStar AS 350 BA - We are the only tour company in the Los Angeles basin operating an Astar Helicopter for our Extreme VIP Tours.

Air Conditioned and comfortably seats 5 passengers.


Our Equipment

Traffic alert and Collision Avoidance System - All of our Aircraft are equipped with TCAS (The Traffic alert and Collision Avoidance System) Los Angeles is a very busy airspace we won't fly without TCAS, why should you?

Bose Noise Canceling Headsets - All of our Aircraft are equipped with Bose Aviation Noise Canceling Headsets for a ride that is as quiet as it is comfortable!

Engine Hobbs Meter - Our flight times are based on our engine Hobbs meter, from engine startup to engine shutdown. We will never arbitrarily deduct time from your tour using the add 2/10th's to the flight method used by some operators.

Our Location

We are Los Angeles's most convenient Helicopter Tour Company, and the closest to Downtown Los Angeles, LAX, Hollywood and Santa Monica.  We are located within minutes of the Pacific Ocean in the Los Angeles Basin.  Our year round temperatures average in the low to mid 70's.  We are usually 10 to 20 degrees cooler than the San Fernando Valley in the summer.

Los Angeles Basin         San Fernando Valley    

Latest Hawthorne, California, weather                                    Latest Van Nuys, California, weather Latest Whiteman, California, weather

Our location at the Hawthorne Airport allows us to offer tours that go further North, South and East than any of the other tour operators can offer!

Direct Freeway Access to and from our location.  We are conveniently located right off of the 105 freeway, between the 405 and the 110 freeway, right below the FAA Control Tower.

Convenient Customer Parking is located right in front of our office.  We offer private on airport parking and direct access to our facility, to protect the privacy of our VIP customers from the Public & the Paparazzi.  We will close our facility to the public as needed on special request.

Los Angeles Helicopter Tours are one of the best helicopter tours in the world and the least known.  We know, because we ask our customers who have taken other Helicopter Tours in Alaska, The Grand Canyon and Hawaii, just how Los Angeles rates.  They rate it at the top of the list.  You'll see just how beautiful LA is from the sky.  You'll recognize famous landmarks, see Star's homes and enjoy the beautiful California coast. 

Our Operating Philosophy

All of our tours are private, professionally flown and narrated by our experienced pilots.  We will never put another customer with your flight! 

There are NO HIDDEN FEES or HIDDEN CHARGES, the price listed on our website is the actual cost.  There are no hidden fees, no taxes charged!

We hold ourselves and our pilots to the highest safety standards.  Our company, and each of our pilots have a Perfect Zero Accident and Zero Incident flight safety record!

Cancellation Policy.  We have never charged any of our customers for not showing up for a tour, showing up late or rescheduling a tour.  All we ask is that you give us as much advanced notice so we can make our Helicopters available to others.

Multiple Passenger discounts. Our prices are based on the number of passengers in your party and not a fixed price per seat rate like most of our competitors.

Aircraft Maintenance.  All of our maintenance is performed on schedule or as needed by professional experienced FAA licensed mechanics.  We don't cut corners ever!  If it's broken or in question, we have it repaired or replaced. 

Noise Sensitivity.  We realize that helicopters can be annoying and loud to the people we fly over.  We maintain minimum heights during our tours, fly designated routes to avoid noise sensitive areas (The Hollywood Bowl, the Hollywood sign, the beach communities, etc.).  All of our tours offer exciting, up close views of Los Angeles for our guests, while minimizing the noise to the many communities we fly over.

Something Special.  So you want to throw a surprise birthday with 20 Mariachis (It won't be our first time).  Going on a special date,  relax in our beautiful office and have a glass of wine or champagne before or after your flight (it's so comfortable here some of our customers hate to leave).  If you have something special in mind, just ask us!

Exceptional Value to our Customers.  Let's face it, helicopters are expensive!  You won't be treated like cattle here at Star Helicopters, we won't throw you into a helicopter full of  strangers, we wont rush you around.  Come relax with us, meet our wonderful staff and have a great flight.

Here are some great questions to ask any company before flying with them!

What helicopter make and model do you fly? (You'll want an R44 Raven II, Bell Jet Ranger 206B3 or AStar AS 350BA)

Do your helicopters have TCAS?  (We wouldn't fly with them if they didn't have TCAS!)

Do you have noise canceling headsets? (Yes, and Wow, what a difference you can really hear!)

Do you add hidden airport fees or fuel surcharge fees to my flight? (We NEVER do! The rate listed on our website is the rate you pay.

Do they honor their own published prices? (WE DO!  Ask to see their Tour Brochure or go to their website to see their pricing.  Don't be afraid to ask them why the tour just doubled in price for you!)

Is my tour private? (ALL OF OURS ARE!)

What is your cancellation policy?  (No Charge, EVER at Star Helicopters!)

  We just ask that you give us as much advance notice as possible


When you're ready to book your tour give us a call at

Click here to call us! 


Click Here To Book A Flight

 Explore our website; it will answer many of your questions.

Point Dune


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